Sustainability Advisory Services

As natural resources deplete, geographic boundaries get blurred and stakeholder expectations become more intense, regulations will get tougher, and risks will get more complex. Under such circumstances, the success - and very survival - of any business will depend largely on how risk-aware, compliant, well-governed, and above all resilient it is to change. This calls for immediate shifts in Management approach From shareholder focus to Stakeholder inclusion From confidentiality to transparency & voluntary disclosures. From business responsibility restricted within the factory gates to extending the sphere of influence across the value chain. From Financial Reporting to Triple Bottom Line reporting i.e report on Economic, Environmental & Social performance At Baker Tilly DHC, we have developed expertise to help organizations make these big shifts to ensure that, your transition towards becoming a more resilient and responsible business is smooth and uncomplicated - a journey towards continuous improvements. A journey that can help you build an eco-system to enable you to identify emerging risks and new opportunities and develop sustainable business models that cover economic, environmental and social principles at the strategic, managerial and operational levels.